What is The Main Mission Of GSA For Safe School?


schoolGSA For Safe Schools is an independent organization that is also known as Gay Straight Alliance For Safe Schools.

Our main aim is to continue working with our full efforts in educating students and organizing events. We even thinking about increasing our efforts and joining with our local partners 'to create and support safe school for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender young and all students'

After working on this mission for last 10 years we gladly say that our organization is much stronger and self-sufficient. Our organization is fully governed by local authority, each and every penny stays local and use for the improvement of local people.

Our Objective 

Gay Straight Alliance For Safe School (GSA For Safe School) has the objective of creating educational system where all students feel comfortable and thrive regardless of their sexual orientation and gender expression.

Gay Straight Alliance For Safe School is a organization that support and provide middle school and high schools for gay, lesbian, bisexual and all students.

Our Mission - Stop Bullying

Gay bullyingOne of the most common problems that is continuously rising in schools is Bullying. Although there are many different types of bullying such as emotional, physical, psychological etc but here in this site we focus only on bullying that related to victim's sexual orientation.

Many schooling authorities don't want to talk about it but GAY BULLYING is very severe type of bullying that exist in most western schools, high schools, colleges and universities. It is important for teachers and parents to become organize and stop each and every type of bullying.

Most school authorities are acting worst than bullying themselves by turning blind on this type of bullying. If teachers and school administration is not doing anything about this type of bullying then it is the duty of parents to talk about this with this children before its too late.

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